Monday, August 31, 2009

Travel Day

Today, I didn't get to see Biko as he got stuck on his travels back home. I flew out and had dinner when I got to Atlanta. I did well by having fish, asparagus, a salad, and one piece of bread. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week 7 Day 1 DONE (and 11 miles biking and 0.25 miles swimming)

Sundays are the day that I try to get my body used to swimming, biking, and running all in the same day. So, today, I got up and did week 7 day 1. I decided to go in reverse order for 2 reasons. First, I like that order better as I would rather finish in the pool than running, and second, I knew it would be too hot to run later in the day and I didn't want to get up and the crack of dawn on a Sunday.

So, I did 2.25 miles in my 31 minutes. I am not sure what happened, but somehow I think I actually went SLOWER today than I did on Thursday. LOL. Oh well. I guess I am going to have to pick up the pace because I think I might could walk it faster than I am running it. I did want to do 2.25 miles though since that is the mileage associated with week 7 day 1. So, i went longer than the other day. I actually think I might have gone a little longer than 2.25 miles, but it is close enough for me. :) So, for week 7 day 2, I am going to repeat 2.25 miles and see if I can get it in close to 29 min. The third one of week 7 says 2. 5 miles. We Will cross that bridge when we come to it, but I have 7 weeks to go before this triathlon.

My legs have been REALLY sore the past few days. Biko started me into major soreness with that DAMN leg press thing. I am not sure they have ever recovered. I thought yesterday with just some short swimming would help, but they are still really sore. It goes away once I run or bike, but it comes back with a vengeance when I am done. My body bugg said I had burned 1700 cals by noon. :) lovin it. I do think the body bugg has challenges wtih the biking. It doesn't seem to give much credit for a lot of work.

Anyway, I went 11 miles biking, and I did the first 9 in 35 minutes (that is how long the biking part of the triathlon is). I crossed mile 10 at 38 something, and then I used the last mile to cool down. I went pretty slowly and enjoyed it. I finished the 11 miles at 44 mins. :)

I really need to swim but I am going to eat and see how I feel. :)
Update - I DID make it to swim. I did the 1/4 mile in somewhere between 10:30 and 11 minutes. I did one extra circle but then I was pooped!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Swim Day

Today, we went boating for most of the day, so i decided that swimming would be a good exercise for the day. I did 10 circles in the pool which is about .3 miles (1600 feet) in 12:46. I think 8.5 circles is the quarter mile I need to swim for the triathlon. :) So, I am going to work on endurance and see if I can increase my speed to less than 10 minutes. Not sure how that will go, but I am going to try. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Training Day

Today, I went to a different trainer (don't be mad Biko!) as I had purchased a line dancing class at Shapes that they had to cancel. They offered to convert it to training sessions, and I decided that was a good idea. Might be fun. Plus, sometimes I can't see Biko when I am traveling or have a wacky schedule.

So, today was just such a day. Biko was off having some much deserved fun, so I went to see Debbie. She was awesome! I am not sure how I could be so lucky to have happened upon two such wonderful people, but somehow I did. Debbie worked on showing me some things that I could easily do in hotels without the weight machines or a trainer. So, I did 10 squats, 10 push-ups, and 10 bent over rows and then repeated it two times for a total of 3 sets on each thing. Whew...

Then, I did this twister thing where you balance on one leg and arm (opposite) and bring the elbow to the knee. I did that 10 times on each side, and after the first set she had me put the one arm on a ball to make it less stable. Then, I would take the medicine ball and raise it high on one side and low on the other 10 times on each side, and then I ran up and down on the balance thing (the half ball looking thing with the flat platform on the other side). That was hard, and I was so worried that I would hurt my ankle. But, I did it. I did all of those for 3 sets as well.

Then, she took some measurements, and I went back home. :) It was totally different than what I usually do with Biko, and that was kind of cool to do something a little different. I can see how they will compliment each other if I do some sessions with each. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Couch to 5K Week 6 Day 3 COMPLETED!

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! I am so proud of myself. So a little background, I screwed up on week 5 as I thought after the 1st one that all 3 days were the same 5 min run (3 times). So that is what I did. Then, I got to week 6 and did the 5 - 8 - 5 run. Then, I did the 2 ten minute runs for week 6 day 2. Then, I looked at day 3 and almost passed out. 25 minutes straight? Are they NUTS? So, I decided to look at it online again. I saw that week 5 was different for all 3 days and day 3 was a 20 minute run. i didn't feel too badly as I had actually done a 15 minute straight run one day simply because i didn't have time to do the intervals (and I survived lol).

So, I decided that I should go back to week 5 day 3 and do the 20 min and then repeat week 6. However, I slowed way down (ha ha as if I am ever not slowed down!) especially in the beginning. When I got to 8 minutes, I thought, I bet I can do the 25 minutes. So, I decided to turn around at 12.5 minutes instead of 10. I figured if I was just dying that I would just walk the rest of the way home and stop at 20 mins. BUT, I not only went 25 minutes, I went 26 minutes and 10 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My little GPS program on my iphone (love that sportsbra with the ipod holder - it rocks! said that I went 1.98 miles and averaged 4.4 mph with my fastest being 6.5 mph (at the end and very briefly). I am so proud! ON TO WEEK 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, I did all of that with very sore legs. Biko did his job yesterday for sure! I didn't think I was going to be able to walk, much less run. But, they loosened up after I got going. Biko, don't worry, my legs and butt hate you, but I am thankful for you! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frustrating Day

I have really been struggling this week with my weight. For some reason, I only lost 1 lb in the whole week (Biko's scale showed even less at a half a lb but it was in the middle of the day). I wasn't perfect as it was Morgan's party and we had meetings and my parents were in town, but I did usually have my 1000 calorie deficit (although some days I didn't). I did have a deficit every day though. Oh well.

I went to Biko today, and he was in his evil mood. The main thing that was so hard was the leg press. I had to do 17, then 8, then 6. By 11 on the first set, I was dying. I pushed through it and survived. Then, I realized that I had to do more. I didn't think I would even be able to do 1, but I somehow did 8. Then, I really didn't think I would do the last 6, but I did. It was hard, and it hurt (I almost cried) but I did it. Also, Biko's hand kept accidentally pushing on the weight as I was doing exerces. I told him that he needed to be more careful. :) Toward the end, another guy was in there and he was doing the ab and back work next to me. It kind of felt like moral support. :)

I was going to swim today, but we got a big storm right as it was time to go. Then, i was going to run but I couldn't go very far because my quad was really hurting. So, tomorrow will be a better day.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday, Biko

Today, i was nervous as my quad is still really sore. I saw Biko, and he had mercy on me (for once). We focused on upper body and did light quad and then hamstrings. He had me do the twisty abs machine. I like that one as it is kind of fun to spin. :)

I didn't do any other exercise today. Thought I should take it a little easy on the leg. I did not do nearly enough steps. BOO

It was Morgan's birthday, so we had Olive Garden. i did pretty well as I only had half of the apricot chicken with the broccoli and asparagus. The breadstick prob wasn't so great. The pasta fagioli was yum.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bike Ride and Couch to 5K Week 6 Day 2

Today, I went on an 11 mile bike ride. It was a pretty easy ride as the boys were with us on their mountain bikes. I was amazed at how fast I could go! LOVE the new bike. So glad I got it.

After we got home, I went to do Couch to 5K Week 6 Day 2. It was 2:30 in the afternoon in Florida, so it was pretty hot. It was hard, but I made it. It said I ran .85 miles in 10 minutes. I am so speedy! LOL

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday - Busch Gardens

Today, we did Busch Gardens all day. As you can see, I burned a lot of calories AND took a lot of steps.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Biko and Couch to 5K Week 6 Day 1

Today, I started off with Week 6 Day 1 on the treadmill. It is warm up 5 mins, run 5 mins, walk 3 mins, run 8 mins, walk 3 mins, run 5 mins, cool down for 5 mins. I am terrified of the next two couch to 5k ones, but we will see how it goes.

I went downstairs to start with Biko. We did mainly upper body again, but we did do a few lower body ones. I did the bar thingy where the bar slides up and down but it is like a free weight bar. I also did the weights to the side just standing and raising my arms. The 10lb weight is still heavy for me. I did extra on the quad one, and it felt good. :) At the end, I did the slant down to your head bench and as Biko says "focused on the negative." I was proud though as I did 12 of them when I had only done 8 before. :)

Tonight was morgan's party, and I had pizza and a small piece of cake. I also got my new bike, but I only got to take it for a very quick spin around our neighborhood.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rest Day

I took today off from exercise, and I think my body really needs it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Biko Day

Today, I had to go to Biko early and get ready at the gym to make it to a meeting. He had me warm up on the stairs using the ball and the 10 jumps in between stairs (AND all the way to the top of borh flights of stairs). I knew I was in trouble with that warm up. :) Of course, my legs were sore and tired from the night before and from Monday, so I was struggling.

We did mainly upper arms, and I did the machine thing where you put your knees on the platform and you move up and down. I have learned to like that one. At the end, we did the abs part where you reach for the ball that he holds, and he used a 4kg ball this time.

I felt refreshed and alert by the time I left for my meeting.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Running Training

Today, my triathlon training group met and we did "track runs." We would do 1/4 mile, rest a minute, do a 1/4 mile, rest a minute, repeat until 6 times are completed. We were to push slightly beyond what we normally do so that we are breathing hard but not out of control. It was very challenging but I did it! I didn't even walk once. :) I was SLOW, but I did it. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday (Biko and swim)

Today, I had Biko bright and early. I was worried because I was sore after the Sunday activity. Biko got that evil smile on his face, and I knew I was in trouble. I first did the arm dips on the machine thingy that you subtract your weight from. I didn't mind it that much which means that Biko will raise it next time. Next, we did some arm things with the weights you hold in your hands.

Next, Biko looked really happy. I was scared. He had me doing the sets of leg reps where you do a number, rest, then another number, then more again. For example, on the legs, I did right leg 10 times, left leg 10 times, both legs 10 times, right leg 6 times, left leg 6 times, both 6 times, right leg 4 times, left 4 times, both 4 times. After that, then I had to get into that thing where you lie on your back and push the weight up (you are slanted down). That one I had to do 17, then 8, then 6 or something like that. I got dizzy, and thought I would puke. Biko just smiled and said I could do it. THEN, I had to do the leg one that you pull back at the knee and the hamstrings hurt. It was some other odd sequence that Biko loves. :) I could hardly walk at this point. My legs were so rubbery. Biko finished it with me pulling up my knees 15 times while all of my weight was on my elbows for abs. I was proud as that was really, really impossibloe for me when I started and it was hard but not THAT bad this time. FINALLY. Progress. :)

Later in the day, I swam 1/4 mile before the storm started. I swam the pool around the outside ot get a better feel of swimming without stopping and without walls.

Feeling good (even though I am sore). Biko is smiling somewhere knowing he tortured me :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Set Back but Doing Well

To catch up:

Friday, Aug 7th, I did couch to 5K, week 4, Day 3

Sat - Mon - Nothing

Tues - 20 mins on spin bike

Wednesday - Biko

Thursday - walked 5 minutes, ran 15 minutes (!!!!!!), walked 5 minutes (was out of time and had to rush - I was SOOO proud) - counted this as week 5, day 1

Friday - couch to 5K - week 5, day 2

Saturday - Step class, 9 mile bike ride

Sunday, 0.25 swimming, 11 miles biking, 2.6 miles walk/run - couch to 5K week 5, day 3 - On to week 6!

It has been a while since I have posted my Polar numbers too:

Swimming - didn't wear it

Biking - 57:43, 855 cals, 30% fat, max 176, avg 155
walk/run - 59:00 mins (I think it was really 47 and I forgot to stop it) - 759 cals, 40% fat, Max 188 (whoa), Avg 142

Another really cool thing is the body bugg goals evaluation. Since 6/19, here are my results as of last Wednesday 8/12. Pretty cool to have exceeded my goal of 2 lbs a week. :)

I was down 35 lbs as of 8/12. :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, August 3

Today, I had Biko and I did week 3 day 3 of Couch 2 5k. I was so proud as I ended with 90 seconds of 1.5 incline and a speed of 6.0mph. :) With Biko, he tortured me with the machine thingy where you kneel on the platform and then do pull ups (it subtracts from your weight). If it didn't kill my arms, I would love it. :) I also had to do the bar thingy with squats. I didn't like that one. We did lots of other machines that were a good workout. At the end, I did 20 knee ups on the thing where you hold your body weight with your elbows and pull your knees up to Biko's hand. I hate these, but I was proud to do 20.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sun Aug 2nd

Today, we drove home from camping. We walked and swam more before driving. No body bugg due to water involvement.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sat Aug 1

Today was a campaing day with lots of walking and swimming (body bugg isn't waterproof so it stayed in the car)