Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday July 31

Today, I had Biko and did Couch to 5K week 3 day 2. We went camping and the bodybugg isn't waterproof. I won't bother posting.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday July 30

Today, I did a 35 minute bike ride with Mike in the morning.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday July 29

Today, I got up early AGAIN and did Couch 2 5k Week 3 Day 1

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday July 28th

Today, I got up hungover as all get out and did couch to 5k week 2 day 3. :) On to week 3!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mon July 27

Today, I got up at the crack of dawn to do couch to 5K week 2 day 2

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday July 26

Today, I did couch to 5k week 2 day 1

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wed July 22nd

I was in Atlanta in meetings most of the day, but I did still do the couch to 5k week 1. I was feeling sickly, but I did it anyway.

Sat July 25

Today, I did step class. It was great to have Anita back :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Couch 2 5K Day Two

I finally decided that I was ready for the couch to 5k, and I did day 2 today. Even though it was 10:30am, I had to do it in the 90 degree heat. I actually did better than I thought I would. It felt good.
I traveled today, so tough but ok on food.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday - Biko Day - Couch to 5K AGAIN

Today, I started out on the treadmill for 16 minutes. Then, I did my weight training with Biko. We did the weigh in and skin calipers, but it had only changed a little bit. I had lost 3 lbs though. Biko was mean again, and my triceps and thighs were burning like crazy. I have a blast laughing during the training sessions, but that Biko is tough. Mike also came today, and we saw Mark at the end of his. :)

I FINALLY started the couch 2 5k program again today. The whole family did it (even Morgan went in her cast but of course she walked and didn't run)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boating Day

Today, we went on the boat, so I was in the water "swimming" for a while. When we got home, I got my shoes on and did the elliptical for 3.1 miles. :) WOO HOO! I was exhausted, but I chose mind over matter and DID IT!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Step Class, Walk, Japanese Hibachi Dinner

I started the day off by going to step class (pat on the back). The regular instructor was away this week (Anita), so we had a sub. While I enjoyed the class and it was difficult, I enjoy Anita's class much more. The sub LOVED repeater knees and single knees. I think 75% of the class was repeaters and single knees. :)

Next, I had a baby shower to go to. I did pretty well, but I did have some of the ice cream cake. I only ate half and gave the rest to Morgan.

Mike said he wanted to go to the Japanese Hibachi place (Yamato), and I wanted to go and be able to enjoy it. So, I decided to go on a walk before we went. I did 30 minutes of walking.

At dinner, I tried to be good. I ate half the rice (tons of oil and butter), double veggies (still lots of oil), and only 7 of the 16 shrimp (more butter). I also had the soup and salad. While it wasn't such a great thing from a health kick, it is one of my favorite meals of all time. I did MUCH better than I would have done 2 months ago. Progress. :) I wasn't sure how to log all that oil and margarine that was cooked with the food, so I just added a bunch. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday - Meeting Day and then Travel Home

Today, I just could not bring myself to get up at 5 to work out. I had set the alarm, but I didn't get up. :( I was in a meeting and then flew home. I salvaged the day by doing 40 minutes on the elliptical tonight. Whew. I feel so much better.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Meeting and Travel Day - Thursday

Today, I was in a meeting and then flew to Atlanta. I didn't get to exercise in the morning as I was hungover, and then the fitness room was closed when I got to Atlanta. :( Bummer. Oh well, you do what you can do. I did better today on the eating at least. Not great, but better.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trip to Boston

Today, I flew to Boston, and I didn't do so well. First, there was this pizza place and a fish and chips (like fried big time) and then a sandwich place that didn't look good by the gate. So ,I caved and got pizza. It was the Famagilia pizza that I love, but I looked it up and it said one piece was like 500 calories. That brand wasn't in the bodybugg, so I just picked two slices of another type that was around 500 calories. Then, at dinner, we had lobster AND shrimp AND bread AND beer AND bacardi....oops...

The bodybugg says:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, SORE, SO SORE

Today, I have been struggling to walk up and down the steps, to stand from sitting, and to move my arms over my head. Wow, Biko definitately made my muscles pay! Today, I was going to run/walk, but since i am having trouble walking, I decided that today can be a rest day. Morgan and I went to cracker barrel for dinner. I think i was pretty good, but I overestimated on the calories to try to make sure I was right. I also was really craving something sweet, so we got weight watchers mint chocolate chip ice cream. Crisis averted.

The BodyBugg says...(not quite complete but close) - lowest deficit in a while but still a deficit!

BIKO (the meanie) Day, Stress Filled Monday

I think Biko decided that I needed to pay for going on such a fabulous cruise, and he tortured me today. On one level, it felt really great and I knew that I couldn't have done some of those things a few weeks ago. I also knew that I probably won't get another Biko session this week. On the other hand, he had me at the very end of what I could do. I didn't think I was going to make it a few times.

By 6 hours later, I was already sore. Man, I know tomorrow is going to be rough. However, today, it is all good...

The BodyBugg says...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Didn't do much today except for laundry, organizing closet/clothes, and some other general stuff. I did get on the elliptical for 30 minutes. I did the hill where it goes up in level from 1 - 10 in increments, and I kept it at around 4 mph the entire time (sometimes 3.8 or 3.9, sometimes 4.1 or 4.2). I was happy that i could keep a constant speed with all the hills. My legs were TIGHT though when I finished.

BodyBugg Says...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday - Step, Movie, Party

I started today off with back pain that made me wonder if I would be able to go to step. Advil, the massage chair, and some light walking around later, I felt fairly sure that I could do it. I went to the step class, but I hadn't been in 3 weeks (cruise) and I forgot that it starts at 10:30 instead of 10. DOH. So, i strolled outside to loosen up my back, and I saw someone I met on the plane last week! We had talked, but I didn't dream I would see her the first time I went to step! Small world.

I was pretty proud in step. I did much better, and I kept going the whole time. Until today, I have had to walk in place some or do it only on the floor. I actually stayed with her for the most part. :) She did the evil abs workout again, but I think she is one of the best step instructors out there.

I did pretty well on eating today even though I went to a small party at night. I brought salad, brocolli, and apples to try to help me. It worked! :) We were even asked to bring my favorite cheese dip, and I brought baked scoops so that I could sample a little bit. I only had 6 chips with a tiny bit of cheese on them each. :) They had ribs for the main course, but I only had one rib. I think I did pretty well.

Also, Morgan and I went to a movie, and I ALWAYS eat popcorn at the movie. It just isn't a movie without it to me. I didn't get any for me, and I had about 10 pieces of Morgan's spread out through the movie. I was so proud.

I think I am getting the hang of this. I think today is the end of week 8 of me working out regularly. I am very proud of that. :) I have lost 23 lbs.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to Biko

I landed in Tampa around midnight, and I had an early morning appointment with Biko. I was a good girl in Iowa though, and I did the treadmill twice. :)

Biko seemed happy to see me, and I was happy to be back. He first weighed me in, and I had lost 5 lbs since the Friday before we left on our trip (3 weeks ago). I am still amazed that I lost weight on the cruise. Mike and I were pretty good about walking/running around the deck for 2 miles (and one day for a 5K). Also, the tours had a lot of walking. Add all of the on ship walking, and we were pretty active. I thought that the alcohol and food might still be rough, but I guess I did well enough watching it. :) It felt good to know that I had a great time and that I didn't derail my efforts. :)

So, after weighing me in, Biko started his punishment. I think he was making sure that I knew that I had missed 3 weeks. :) arms were shaking, my legs felt like jello, and then he made me do that evil sit up thing on the reclining bench. I hate that one. He also had me doing the bar. I did the row machine too, and I even did the back one that hurt my back in the beginning. I was nervous because the first time I did it (the 2nd visit I ever had to Biko), I got a cramp in my back and I thought I had hurt my back. It felt amazing to realize that it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier this time than it was when I was "fresh meat."

I was so happy to be back working with Biko that i will forgive him for picking all of my hardest things in one day. :) I have a feeling my muscles might not be so forgiving tomorrow though. They might be cussing Biko, but I would never do such a thing. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

In Atlanta

Today, I was in a meeting all day, but I did get up and do the 3rd day of week 1 of couch 2 5k. :) I have a bit of a head and chest cold, so I was coughing some while on the treadmill. I am sure the others around me loved it. :) I felt good doing it though. :)

Ate at Maggiano's for dinner which is tough. I had mushroom ravioli. It had alfredo sauce on it, and I didn't realize it. It was very yummy though. :)