Saturday, October 31, 2009

Elliptical and Cheat Day

Today is Halloween. I decided that I was going to have a cheat day. We didn't have Morgan or Mike's kids, so I ate what I wanted, drank margaritas, and had a great time. I did do the elliptical for 35 minutes before we went out. :) I was amazed at how long I can go at a faster speed now. I am getting better!

I had chips and cheese at Cantina Laredo. They were worth it. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rest, Leg Healing, Some Running, BIKO

In the week after my very first triathlon (still patting myself on the back), I didn't do much. I was trying to let my leg injury heal. So, Mon, Tues, Wed, I rested. Thursday, I was a bit hungover from my celebratory first drinking event in a long time, and I decided I had better run before work. Phil was nice enough to go with me and to go my snail pace.

I rested over the weekend, and then Tuesday, we had triathlon practice again. We are now training for a half marathon and have 18 weeks to get there. We are now officially the Wesley Chapel Triathlon Team, and we even have a new website. The half marathon is in Feb and is the Gasparilla Half. I hope I can do it.

At practice, we did two miles. It felt good to be going again. On Wednesday, I did two miles and I had Biko. I have missed Biko. I certainly have met some amazing people through this journey. I guess it was meant to be. Biko took it a little easy on me as I was struggling after not lifting any weights for three weeks due to my injury. I have lost 13% body fat since I started though. :) My stupid leg is aggravated, so I am still taking it easy. :(

Today, I saw Chris at Elite Sports Massage. He tried to make it better. He says it is close. I hope so. I don't like worrying about it. I just want to run. Whoever thought I would EVER say that?????? Amazing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am officially a TRIATHLETE!!!!!!!!!!

I am loving being able to say that. :) I landed last night around 10pm, and I got home around 11:40pm. Thanfully, I had laid out my clothes before I left and I made a checklist of the remaining items I needed to get. I was very organized (for once!).

I stretched for a while to try to help ease the groin pain and hoped that it would cooperate for the run. Stupid adducter muscles! They are not my friend, and they are very stubborn.

We got up this morning at 4:50am. WHOA...really? Already? Seriously? I struggled to wake up, but then excitement hit and I was up and getting ready. I got the kids up (Katie, Michael, and Morgan all got up at this crazy hour just to come cheer us on - what great kids we have). It was 52 degrees. OMG that is freezing when you live in Florida. I grab a sweatshirt.

We arrive at 6:02 which is a miracle as we planned to get there at 6. Mike drops me between the parking lot and the registration building (the town hall building in LongLeaf). I walk and try to keep my teeth from chattering. I go in and get my packet. I am number 574. Here we go!

I walk back to the parking lot. It is about a half a mile I think. I am very cold by the time I get there, and I am very thankful that I grabbed the sweatshirt. It is dark, and I almost twist my ankle. I am very cold and starting to get very nervous.

I get to the car, and Mike pumps up our tires. I was standing there trying to use my cell phone to give enough light to him, and this nice man in his truck turned his headlights on. It made it MUCH easier. The kids stay in the car as they want to sleep until it is light/warmer/closer to the race. Mike and I take our bikes toward the transition.

When we arrive behind Florida Design, they start marking us. That is a weird experience. They put your number on both arms and on your left leg. Then, they put your age on the back of your right leg (although mine was a LIE since they use your age as of December!. Not that I am bitter...). After we are marked, we head into the transition area. I find my rack where 574 is, and there is not much room. The girl with 575 moved down some. I hang my bike from the seat and lay out all of my stuff. I practice with my helmet as it always is difficult for me to remember which way it goes. I see several of the girls from my tri club. Stacey, Nicole, and I are smart and head to the restroom. Then, I lost them. We wanted to take a group picture, but I couldn't find them. I did see Aleida. We wandered all around trying to find them, and we even went down to the lake. It was SO cold out and the lake was steaming as it was warmer than the outdoor temp. I think they said that the water was 77 degrees. We look at the buoys, and then we head back up. As we get to the top, we see our group.

We give Holly and Jen their medals, and then Heather V gets her medal. I am so happy that she was there to be part of the team. Aleida read a poem she wrote. The Extreme? part is because early in the training, Holly said that you have to be a bit extreme to get into triathlons (meaning that we should stop being whiny I think), and we laughed that our team name should be Extreme? since we weren't sure yet.

An Ode to Holly & Jen

by Aleida

You painted a picture that we’d never seen. You said we’d be “real” athletes and members of a team that’s extreme?

At times we were nervous & whiny & scared.We weren’t sure we could do it, that we’d be prepared.

Three months have gone by and we are all here,Anxious and nervous in our dreaded tri-gear.

Our transitions are ready, our bikes set to go.We know what to do and we’re ready to go!

So we’ll go the distance and we’ll finish this race.We hope to make you proud and put a smile on your face.

You’re the two BEST coaches that we’ve EVER known.So, what’s left to say but “THANKS, WAY TO GO!”

I loved it. It was perfect. After that, we took one MILLION pictures, and then we headed to the lake. I was really nervous. The international distance people went first, and they had to do farthre than us and then they had to do it twice. WOW. It was amazing to see. Then, they started the sprint people into the water. We went in three seconds apart. Holly and Jen were there when we got into the water. :)

I went a little to the outside in the swim, and I enjoyed it. It was warm. I did run into several people in front of me (3 or 4), but otherwise, I think it was alright. Morgan kept my shoes and sweatshirt while I was in the water. When I came out, she was right there, and then she ran with me to the transition. It is about 1/4 mile to the transition. I ran in and started getting ready. I sat down to put socks and shoes on. I wasn't sure I could do it standing.

Mike, Tim, Mark, and Abhi yelled to me as I was transitioning. It made me so happy. I got on my bike, and about 2 miles in, my leg started to really hurt. The wind is really strong (they said 14 - 16 mph), and I am not sure what to do. So, I just started pedaling with only my left leg. I did that for 2.5 miles. I actually passed quite a few people which made me happy. There was a speed bump near the turnaround. This would have been ok, but the people in front of me stopped to a halt. There was a gap that I went through, but then I had to get started again from a dead stop. I finish the rest of the bike and head into the transition. I guess because of the wind my toes were numb. Also, I could hard walk getting off my bike. I felt like I had been riding horses all day. I needed to pee before I even started the bike, and now I really had to pe.

I did a pretty quick transition in the bike to run, but I could have knocked a little time off.

Then, I went to get water. I couldn't find my water bottle, so I just went. Amy was already out the door, so I was behind her. About a half mile in, I was next to her. She said, "Thank GOD you are here. I need you to push me!" We ran the whole rest of the way together, and we crossed the finish at the same time. It made it much better to have her to run with.

The finish line is really weird and you can't see it until you are right on it. I was soooo happy to make it! We helped push on a Kristen from USF to finish too. The last .1 mile, Mike, Morgan,Katie, and Micahel were cheering for me. Then, I saw Couach Jen and Coucah Hollly. They were yelling for the Amy's. We DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the race, we hung out and had pizza, cookies, and drinks. I got 3rd place in the Womens under 40 Athena category. WOW! Mike got second place with Mark McCune! They did really well. They did it in honor of heather who couldn't do it. So, Heather got a medal! :)

I even won a shirt in a door prize drawing. What a great day. Holly and Jen gave us certificates, a water bottle, and a new bag to carry our stuff in. THEY ROCK!

What a fantastic day.

Things I learned...

1. If it is cold, bring a windbreaker.

2. Stop to pee in the portable potty if needed. Being miserable and having to pee that long is not fun. Maybe the lake next time?

3. Figure out the helmet issue.

4. Figure out how to bring garmin without water ruining it because the run isn't well marked and it would be nice to know how muhc farther.

5. I can do it!!!

6. My team and coaches rock!

7. I work with some amazing people who did a great thing today for a co-worker. :)

8. I think I like triathlons!

This was the LongLeaf Triathlon, and I did the sprint. My times and my own PR (persnal record)

Total Time - 1:29:09

Swim - 6:18

Transition 1 5:47

Bike (with transition 2) - 36:46

Run (cough, jog) 40:19

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rest and Elliptical

Wednesday, I flew to Texas for our user group meeting. I didn't exercise. Thursday, I was planning to try the elliptical, but the Gaylord didn't have enough machines. So, I walked outside for a bit. Friday, the elliptical was available, so I did it for 15 minutes and then stretched. I am happy that it wasn't bad. Saturday, I flew home and didn't exercise. I did a lot of stretching though. I am as ready as I am going to be.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last team practice

Tonight was our last team practice before the race. We did 1/4 mile swim (8:08), about 6 miles biking (22 min), and then we walked or ran 5 minuites out and 5 minutes back. I did well on the swim and well on the bike. I could only walk for the last part. I am nervous that my leg isn't going to be ok for the race.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Today, Mike and I did 9 miles again. I was about my normal pace. I did the 9 miles in 34 min. I had the tri bars to practice on with the bike. I almost spilled as soon as I tried to use them. It is an interesting feeling geting into them.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bike Again

Today, we went and rode 9 miles again. Then, we walked about a half mile. I rode at near speed for the second half. It felt good. Abhi rode with us to practice as well. Race is one week away!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Easy Bike Day

The Tri group met to bike and run again, but I just biked - and SLOWLY. When they ran, I stretched and walked a bit. It felt good to do something but it was depressing to not do it. Mike and Abhi rode today to practice for the triathlon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Biko at Sport and Field

I wanted to mention that anyone looking for a personal trainer in the Tampa area should call Biko at Sport and Field. Not only has he helped me so very much, he has a great rapport with many people who are much more into the weights thing than I am. He has been very good at growing the program as I needed it, and he is also great at knowing what buttons to push to get me to do just a little more. So, if you are looking for a trainer, call him at 813-948-5500 (sport and field). He rocks!

Rest - AGAIN

So, I am stuck again. No running, no biking, no swimming. Nothing. Just rest. I am trying to be a good girl, but I am sad. I can't even walk like a normal person. We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel, and I felt like and old lady trying to walk to the table. Mike and Morgan were way ahead of me, and I was just trying to walk without a limp. :( Here's to hoping that tomorrow is better. :(

Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Workout for You

Stupid leg. I could hardly walk down the stairs. :( Pain is not my friend. I went to a physical therapist/Massage Therapist who is awesome today. The triathlon coaches recommended him. He said that I should be ok to still train but that I need to chill and rest it.

Hopefully, he is right. No training today. Who would have ever thought that I would care? :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today, I saw Biko. He is the BOMB. He made me feel so much better about my stupid leg, and he encouraged me and helped me stretch. Of course, he wouldn't be Biko if he didn't make me work my butt off, so he had me do mainly arm and core work with a little legs.

By the end, I was not feeling good. As the day went on, my leg got worse and worse and worse and worse. Bummer.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Triple Brick

I am pretty sure that I saw what hell is like tonight. We did a "triple brick" workout with the triathlon group. WOW. We swam 1/4 mile, and then we biked 3 miles, and ran 1 mile. THEN, we biked 3 miles and ran 1 mile. THEN, we biked 3 more miles and ran 1 more mile. Let me tell you, I was questioning my sanity by the third run. WOW. What a great workout.

Unfortunatly, my stupid leg started really hurting. It has been sore for a few days, but it was mild. Now, it isn't mild. Boo. Hopefully, it will get better soon.

I did run two of the three miles in under 11 ish minutes each (11:38 was the fastest). That is a big improvement for me after that run!.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bike and Short Run

Yesterday, I found out that I should have been pumping my tires up on the bike. OOPS. Someone that lives in my house and is an experienced biker told me that I didn't need to worry about it. :) Anyway, I was SOOO happy because I have been struggling on the bike. With air, it is a LOT easier. :)

Mike and I met Abhi at Flatwood Trail, and we rode the loop which is 11 miles. Abhi did well. :) When I finished, I ran 1 mile. That first mile is just not fun.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trial Run

I was really nervous today as I met two other girls from my group to do a trial run of the whole distance. Amy and Stacey were there, and I was so excited and nervous. We swam first in a zig zag which was interesting. Basically we just went in zig zags across the pool by going up one side of a lane and down the next and then moving over with each lenth of the pool. It was kind of cool. I did the 1/4 mile in 8:40.

Then, Stacey went to run as she didn't have much time, but as much as I wanted to chicken out I didn't. I rode with Amy who is a great biker. She pushed me some, and I was tired. We finished in 35 minutes.

Next, we started out on the run. The first mile took FOREVER to pass, and I thought I might die. The next half mile was hard but easier. Once i turned and headed back, it got a LOT better. I was even feeling like I could go faster. I didn't, but I think I could have. We finished the run in 42 minutes.

I now know that I can do it. I was tired but on a high all day. Also, I didn't get in until late the night before, and then I got up and met them at 7. The day of the race, I won't get in bed until nearly midnight, and I have to be there before 6:30. Ick...

Friday, October 2, 2009


This morning, I got up extra early to be sure I could run before work. I was in Atlanta near perimeter mall, and it is pretty hilly. I was nervous, so I asked the front desk guy which way to go to avoid hills. He kind of laughed and said that I wasn't going to avoid hills, but that I could go UP the hills first if I went left. Then, I could at least finish downhill. Sounded good to me. :)

I so didn't realize that the hill was 2/3 of a mile up. Man, that isn't a hill. It is a mountain! Note to self, only sign up for Florida races where it is flat. Anyway, back to the run. I made it up the hill although it was SLOW and I was wondering if I would make it. So, I turned and went left until I hit a mile thinking that I would just do 2 miles since it was hilly. As I headed back, I thought, oh, now I get the easy part of going down the hill. While it was MUCH easier, it was harder than I thought as I had to control the motions and keep from busting my butt. When I got to the bottom of the hill, I decided that I would be a wuss if I didn't go the whole 3.1. So, I turned and went 2/3 of a mile down the street (with more small rolling hills) and saw the beautiful sun shining on the lakes on the way. It was so nice. It was pretty cool out, but by this point I was hot. I made it back to the hotel and was so proud of myself. It took almost 43 minutes, but I did it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday, Rest

Today, I traveled, and I decided to give my poor body a rest day.

Couch to 5k Completed

I think I can officially declare graduation from the Couch to 5K program. Today, I did 3.1 miles again, and I even shaved 2 minutes off my time to do it in 40:05. I know, slow. But, I am getting faster! I just want to get under 40 minutes now. :)