Sunday, December 23, 2007

Still Taking It Easy

I am still not feeling so hot, but I am doing some better. I don't really feel that badly now, but I have this stupid cough that won't go away. Also, my chest feels "tight." Today, I decided that maybe some lighter exercise wouldn't hurt and might even make it better. So, I went for a bike ride and a walk. Stats are posted below. I am still on Weight Watchers, and I am at 25 points a day. I have lost 29 lbs. :)

Polar numbers:

Time - 38:13
In Zone - 32:47
Avg HR - 150
Max HR 0 179
Calories burned - 394

Time - 50:35
In Zone - 26:24
Avg HR - 131
Max HR - 144
Calories - 391

Total Calories burned - 785 - WOOOOO HOOOOO! That is 2.66 lean cuisine French Bread Pizzas (I am SO addicted) or 5.8 bags of Orville Redenbacher Naturals Buttery Salt and Black Pepper Popcorn. This is my greatest diet aid. I do not think I would have been as successful if I hadn't discovered this. I LOVE it and have 2 bags a day (sometimes 3!)!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Still sick

My couch to 5k program is still on hold. :( I am coughing and sneezing and feeling awful. Going to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, I can be back on track soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chest Cold and Weigh In

I have had a chest cold/sinus infection and have not been feeling up to running. I am anxiously looking forward to getting back to it. I did weigh in yesterday for another 2 lbs down with a total of 26 pounds!!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

First 5K Ever

We did it. It wasn't pretty, but we did it. We jogged some. We walked some. We finished. We raised money for epilepsy. WOO HOO. 46 minutes later we finished. :)

Polar Watch Numbers
Time: 46:31
In Zone 7:07
Avg 182
Max HR 197
Calories: 619

First mile 12:00
Second Mile 16:00
Third Mile 18:00 Hee Hee

Well, at least we have a baseline for improvement! :) I am proud. 6 months ago, I was smoking and could have never done this. I am also glad I was not carrying that extra 24 pounds I have lost. Go Gleasons! Go McFalls!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Couch to 5k Week 7 #1
So, today is my last day to run before my first ever 5k. So, I am well aware that I will probably have to walk at least some of this 5k, but I decide that I will try to be more aware of where I am with timing today. So, I think I went faster in the beginning and that made this run the worst of all the ones I have done. I also have a bit of a chest cold, so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. All I know is 10 minutes in, my legs were hurting and I was having a hard time with my breathing. I wasn't gasping or anything, but I felt like I was having to work for my breathing. I felt like it would subside if I just worked through it but went a little slower. Unfortunately, that didn't help. Around 17 minutes, I was really not feeling good. So, I walked for about 1.5 - 2 minutes. Then, I finished by running another 6 or so to complete my 25 mins. I was sweating like crazy and just generaly feeling bad. I could barely walk up the stairs when I got home because my muscles were revolting. Not sure what was going on, but I sure hope it is better on Saturday!!!!!!

When I started walking I goofed the Polar watch too so my best guess (piecing together two exercise segments)
Time: 13:58 + 22:34 = 36:32
In Zone 18:03 (I changed my zone up a little bit)
Avg HR 164
Max HR 190
Calories = 244 + 160 = 404

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Today is it. The 25 minute run (the one I avoided yesterday because I was too tired - ok, ok, I was too chicken). I did it!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I did it. This program continuously amazes me. I remember looking at all the weeks when I started and thinking that there was NO way. Hee Hee. So, around 9 minutes I thought, wow, 25 minutes is going to be a long time. Around 12 minutes, my muscles were burning a little. Around 16 minutes, I was a little winded. But, you know what, I worked through all of those and by the end I even sped up!!!!! :) I actually RAN the last 30 seconds or so. :) Hee Hee. I am giddy.

Polar numbers:
In Zone: 2:51 - ok, I really need to change my zone
Avg HR: 161
Max HR: 191
Calories: 422 (WOO HOO)

I am so excited about Saturday. My first 5k. I think I will probably be the absolute slowest person there, but I don't even care!!! :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Today is the company Christmas Party, so I knew I needed to get up and run. :)

Time: 35:09 (I actually forgot to start it for probably 3 min)
In Zone: 5:18 (I think I need to change my zone since I am not in mine)
Avg HR: 157
Max HR: 190
Calories: 380

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday November 29th, 2007

Week 6 Couch to 5k #1 (warm up walk 5min, jog 5 min, walk 3 min, jog 8 min, walk 3 min, jog 5 min, cool down walk 5 min)
Polar numbers
42:04 (I walked longer than 5 mins)
In Zone: 6:31
Avg HR 145
Max HR 180
Calories 397

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Daily Points - 26
Weekly Points Remaining - 35

Food Eaten
Weight Watchers English Muffin - 1 point
Reduced Cal Margarine - 1 point
Chick-Fil-A Sandwich - 9 points
Chick-fil-a Fruit - 1 point
Popcorn (buttery salt and black pepper ) - 8 points
Lean Cuisine Pizza - 6 points
Skinny Cow - 1 point
Weight Watchers Chocolate Mouse Bar - 1 point

Total points 28
Activity points - 4
Activity points swapped - 2

Daily Points used 26
Activity Points Swapped - 2
Weekly Points Remaining - 35

Week 5 Couch to 5K #3 (5 min walk, 20 min jog, 5 min walk)
Time: 34:24
In Zone 4:22
Avg HR 158
Max HR 182
Calories 374

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, November 26th, 2007

WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! To my surprise, I weighed in down 2.5 pounds for the week - 20 pounds gone!!! I had weighed on Wednesday before leaving for Vegas, and I was down 20 lbs. However, I didn't really think it would last. My first goal was to lose 20 lbs by my birthday and I i it. :) Next goal 7 lbs by Christmas for 27 total.
Daily Points - 26
Weekly Remaining - 35

Food Eaten
2 Taco Bell Chicken Soft Tacos with no sauce - 8 points
Orville Redenbacher Pepper Popcorn - 2 points
Healthy Choice Pepp Pizza - 7 points
Popcorn - 7.5 points

Used 21.5
Remaining 4.5

Exercise - I just couldn't get going this morning and tonight it was creepy in the dark. I will go in the morning.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thursday 11/22 - Sunday 11/15

These were my Las Vegas days. I am not even going to worry about blogging for this but I tried to be pretty good. I had egg beater omelets or bagels in the morning. I didn't eat lunch, and then I had steak most of the nights for dinner. I tried to avoid the bread (my absolute weakness), and I even had steamed veggies. :)

For exercise, I didn't do any of the couch 2 5k runs (thank goodness I got 2 in before leaving). We did a lot of walking (and standing while playing Craps!). Weigh in tomorrow should be interesting.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wednesday, November 21st

Daily Points - 26
Weekly Remaining 35

Food Eaten

Week 5 #2
Polar Numbers
Time: 37:24
In Zone - 6:04
Avg HR - 150
Mac HR - 181
Calories 379

This run wasn't bad. Toward the end of the 1st 8 minutes, my muscles were burning some. However, it wasn't too bad. The 5 minute walk seemed way too long. The second 8 mins wasn't too bad either, but my knee started bothering me in the last couple of minutes. When I stopped running it was really hurting pretty badly. By the time I walked home, it felt better.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Points 26
Weekly Remaining 35

Food Eaten
Thanksgiving Lunch - no idea - guessing 20 points
Plain Popcorn - 4 points
Skinny Cow - 2 points

Total 26 points

Week 5 #1
Polar Numbers
Time: 33:04
In Zone: 10:12
Avg HR 155
Max HR - 175
Calories burned 376

Week 5 #1 was pretty easy. We will see how the next 2 go.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Weigh In Day - -1.5 points - 19 lbs total! 1 more pound to 20 pound birthday goal

Daily Points - 26
Weekly Remaining - 35

Food Eaten

1 item Plain bagels - 5 points
2 tsp reduced-calorie margarine - 1 point
3 serving orville redenbacker natural popcorn buttery salt and black pepper - 6 points
10 cups plain air-popped popcorn - 5.5 points
1 serving Lean Cuisine Margherita Pizza - 6 points
1 skinny cow - 2 points

Food POINTS values total used
Food POINTS values remaining

None - resting knee

Thoughts - While I was happy to lost (1.5 this week), I was also a little disappointed. I was really hoping to hit the 20 lb mark. However, I realize that 1.5 is reasonable, and I am happy. So, now, I need to drop that other pound in the next 2 days. :) Going running tomorrow morning as long as my knee is feeling ok.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Daily Points - 26
Weekly Points Remaining - 0

Food Eaten
8 cups plain air-popped popcorn - 4.5 points
1 package Peanut butter crackers - 4 points
1 6-inch Ham - 5 points
1 serving subway provolone - 1 point

Food POINTS values total used
Food POINTS values remaining

Week 4 #3 Couch 2 5k - (warm up 5 min, jog 3 min, walk 90 sec, jog 5 min, wakin 2.5 min, jog 3 min, walk 90 sec, jog 5 min, wakin 2.5 min, cool down walk)
16 min jogging - 3
14 min walking, brisk - 1 point
Activity POINTS values earned - 4
Polar Numbers
Time: 34:51
In Zone: 10:09
Avg HR - 163
Max HR - 193
Calories - 402

Finished Week 4 today. It was much easier. I actually ran the last minute (instead of jogging). My knee felt really good until about 12 hours later. :( It is sore tonight again. I feel very ready for week 5 even though it is the crazy week where you end up running 20 minutes straight with no walking.

Saturday, November 17th

Daily Points 26
Weekly Points - (-2)

Food Eaten
snack sandwich-type crackers, with peanut butter filling - 3 points
2/3 serving Prime Rib - 10 oz - 8 points
12 items tortilla chips - 3 points
2 slice cheddar or colby cheese - 6 points
1 small White Sub Roll - 5 points
1 item Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream Bar(s) - 1 point

Food POINTS values total used - 25
Food POINTS values remaining - 0

Walking - 20 minutes

Busy day for the first half of the day. Feeling awful from day before. Second half of the day on the couch. :)

Friday, November 16th, 2007

26 daily points
35 weekly points remaining

Food Eaten
1 item Plain bagels - 5 points
1 tsp margarine - 1 point
2 item Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco (with Salsa instead of Cheese) - 6.5
1 slice cheddar or colby cheese - 3 points
Prime Rib - 12 oz - 12 points
1 serving Green Beans - 1 point
1 slice bread - 2 points
1 serving Nachos (not really sure so picked something high) - 17 points
7 jigger rum - 13.5 points

Food POINTS values total used - 61
Food POINTS values remaining - -2

Exercise - None unless you count drinking as weight lifting :)

Thoughts - This was obviously not a normal day. Let off some steam. Thank GOD for sleepovers. :)

Thursday November 15, 2007

Daily Points - 26
Weekly Remaining points 35

Food Eaten

1 Weight Watchers bagels - 2 points
2 tsp reduced-calorie margarine - 1 point
10 fl oz Apple Juice - 3 points
1 6-inch Turkey and Ham Subway Sandwich with cheese - 6 points
11 items Baked KC Masterpiece BBQ Potato Chips - 2 points
1 Lean Cuisine Margharita Pizza - 6 points

Food POINTS values total used - 24
Food POINTS values remaining - 2

None - resting knee

Busy day at work. Did fine with food. Resting the knee so not getting a lot of exercise in.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

10 fl oz Apple Juice - 3 pointa
1 Weight Watchers Bagel - 2 points
2 tsp reduced-calorie margarine - 1 point
1 serving Lean Cuisine Chicken Fettucine - 6 points
1 serving orville redenbacker natural popcorn buttery salt and black pepper - 2 points
48 pieces Mini Chewy Spree - 3.5 points
1 serving Orville Redenbacher 100 Calorie Popcorn - 1 point
1 serving orville redenbacker natural popcorn buttery salt and black pepper - 2 points
1 item Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream Bar(s) - 1 point

Food POINTS values total used
Food POINTS values remaining

Couch 2 5K Week 4#2
Polar Numbers
Time 35:20
In Zone 10:11
Avg HR - 161
Max HR - 189
Calories 397

Ok, I am addicted to popcorn. I don't know what is up with me, but I just can't get enough popcorn lately. I am sure this phase will pass. :) The run/walk this morning felt really good. The first 3 minutes was easy. The second 5 minutes was tough for the first 30 seconds and then easy. The second 3 minutes was ok. The first part of the last 5 minutes (maybe 1 min or so) really hurt. My knee was hurting, and I felt like I was in a weird rhythm or something. About a minute in, I hit my stride. I even ran faster at the end for the last 20 seconds or so. WOO HOO!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday, November 12th, 2007

Daily Points - 26
Weekly Points Remaining - 35

Food Today (complete)
6 oz Key lime pie nonfat yogurt - 1 point
1/2 Banana Smoothie - 1 point
Lean Cuisine French Bread Pizza - 6 points
orville redenbacker natural popcorn buttery salt and black pepper - 2 mini bags - 5 points
Yellow Pop Corn, Air Popped (9 cups) - 3.5 points
Skinny Cow Mint - 2 points

Food POINTS values total used
Food POINTS values remaining

Walking 30 minutes
60 crunches
20 push ups
20 leg lifts (single) each leg
10 leg lifts (double - both legs at the same time)

Today was so busy that I didn't even get to really think about food. My 30 minute walk was all I could do today, but it was the saving grace of my day. I love listening to my ipod and walking or jogging. I am still a little sore from week 4 #1, so I decided to take it easy today and work on #2 tomorrow.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday November 12th, 2007

Weigh in Day - down 1.5 pounds
Total - 17.5 pounds

New weekly points begin - 35 remaining
Daily Point Range - 26

Food Eaten
Banana Smoothie (banana, 1 c milk, equal, ice) 1/4 of amount made - 1 point
Banana Bread Quaker Oatmeal - 3 points
Orville Redenbacher Natural Buttery Salt and Black Pepper (1 mini bag) - 2 points
Taco Soup - 6 points
Tostidos Scoops (13) - 3 points
Kraft 2% Mexican Cheese (1/4 cup) - 2 points
Air Popped Popcorn - 9 cups -5 points
Vegetable Soup - 1 point
Jello Sugar Free Banana Fudge Pudding - 1 point

24 daily points used
2 daily points remaining
0 weekly points used - 35 points remaining

Rest Day

I worked from home today and was fairly sedentary. I really liked the banana bread oatmeal. It took a long time to eat, and it was filling. Plus, it tasted just like banana bread. I love having the Taco Soup and Veggie Soup already made. Since I usually eat frozen food or fast food/restaurant food, it is nice to have something that was made in my kitchen. :) I was happy to lose 1.5 pounds, but it seems like it will take forever to lose weight at this pace. I guess I should be happy as it is pretty easy to follow weight watchers. Maybe as the exercise picks up it will increase.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Daily Points Remaining 13.5

Daily Points Range 26

Food Eaten (complete)
Orville Redenbacher Natural Buttery Garlic and Black Pepper (1 mini bag) - 2 points
Taco Soup - 6 points
Tostitos Chips Scoops (13 chips) - 2 points
Kraft 2% Mexican Cheese (1/4 Cup) - 2 points
Air-popped Popcorn - 6 cups - 2 points
Banana Smoothie (milk, banana, equal, ice) - 2 points
100 Calorie Hostess Cupcakes - 1 Point (very good but they are TINY)
Mike's Vegetable Soup 2 servings (2 small bowls)- 2 points (Mike made this and it is the best veggie soup ever!)

19 points used
7 daily points remain
13.5 weekly points remain


Couch 2 5k Week 4 #1 (warm up 5 min walking, jog 3 min, walk 9 seconds, jog 5 min, walk 3 min, jog 3 min, walk 9 sec, jog 5 min, cool down 5 min walk)

Polar Watch Numbers
Time - 30 min 30 sec
In Zone 10:17
Avg HR - 167
Max HR 190
Calories 366
Note: I forgot to turn on the watch during the warm up phase, so it really should be 35 min (we did a longer cool down)

Also did the following:
20 push-ups
60 crunches
15 double jumping jacks
10 single leg lifts on each leg
10 double leg lifts (both legs at same time)

I was a little sore from yesterday, so I was going to have today be my rest day. However, Mike and all the kids wanted to go, so I decided I would give it a shot. I didn't want to do week 3 again since I have done it 5 times. Mike and the kids were doing week 2. So, I decided to give it a try but I thought I would probably not really do all of it but just see how bad the 5 min run was. :) BUT, I DID IT! I can't believe it, but I went the WHOLE time. I didn't even think I was going to die. It was challenging, but not difficult. I felt my muscles burning, but it felt pretty good. I am amazed. I love these podcasts. I like the music better in the second half of week 4 than I have in all of the other ones. They are a wonderful tool though so that you don't have to think about it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Nov 10th

Daily Points -26 Weekly Remaining Points 26

Food Today (complete)
Weight Watchers Bagel - 2 points
1 tsp margarine - 1 point
1 Hot Dog and Bun - 8 points
Air popped Popcorn - 10 cups - 5.5 points
4 pieces of thin crust pepperoni pizza (flex heaven) - 20 points
skinny cow - 2 points

Total points - 38.5
Used 12.5 of weekly points = 13.5 remaining

Exercise Today
Couch 2 5k Week 3 (5 min warm up, 90 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking, 3 min jogging, 3 min walking, 90 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking, 3 min jogging, 5 min cool down)

Polar Watch Numbers
29 min 50 sec (I walked a little extra at the end)
In Zone 6:06
Avg HR 144
Max HR 176
Calories Burned 278

I think I have hit a rythym with food. I am not having any trouble staying in my points. I basically try to stay right at my points with very few flex points from Mon - Thurs. Then, Friday and Saturday, I have higher days using my flex points. Sunday, is a regular points or lower day. I am not having trouble choosing foods, and I love all the internet tools available to determine points. I almost never cook, mainly because I am not home a lot. My idea of cooking most of the time is a Lean Cuisine meal or Weight Watchers Smart Ones. :)

As for exercise, the couch 2 5k program is really fun to me. I totally love using the podcasts because I don't have to think about anything other than moving. The podcast tells me when to do what. Week 3 has been harder on me. I feel my muscles burning. My knees have been sore. My calf muscles are a little sore. At the advice of my friend Courtney, I got new running shoes today. They watched me walk and jog and suggested a type of shoe. I had to try on a few to find the right width and length, but even just standing there they feel better than my old ones. Of course, I got them AFTER my walk/run, so I can't wait to try them.

I feel like I have hit a groove. Exercise is great. Food intake is great. Energy and mood are great. I can do this!

Historical Post

The idea of this blog is to track my exercise using the couch to 5k program from I will also post weight watchers points information here and weekly weight changes.

So, this post is to get the history in. I started "dieting" on Oct 2. I went to Metabolic Research Center at Citrus Park Mall, and I did the pre-conditioning phase. I saw my urologist on day 1, and he said it was way too much protein for me with my kidney stone history. He said I would need to drink over 3,000 cc's of water a day to get close to flushing that much protein. So, I pondered by options and debated between weight watchers and LA Weight Loss. I have done both in the past, and I did especially well with LA Weight Loss. However, weight watchers is only $15 a month and is VERY flexible in what you can eat, so I decided I would try it online. If I get stuck or need more motivation, I will switch to LA Weight Loss at some point.

Beware of Metabolic Research Center. Even after my doctor said that it was not a good plan for me, they have not wanted to let me out of my contract. I still have not been refunded the upfront cost I paid, and now they are telling me that I need to come in there and sign some piece of paper. The contract just says that you can get a refund if your doctor says you can't do it, and it says you will get it within 20 days. So, just as a warning, don't trust what they say or what is in the contract.

Back to the history...

10/2, decided to start
10/3 started Metabolic Research
10/10 started Weight Watchers Online - down 11 pounds
10/15 down 1.5 pounds for 12.5 total
10/20 - started couch to 5k week 1 #1
10/22 down 1 pound for 13.5 total
10/22 - Couch 2 5k week 1 #2
10/24 - Couch 2 5k week 1 #3
10/29 down 1 pound for 14.5 total
11/1 Couch 2 5k Week 2 #1
11/2 - Couch 2 5k Week 2 #2
11/4 - Couch 25k Week 2 #3
11/5 - Down 1.5 pounds for 16 total
11/6 - Couch 2 5k Week 3 #1
11/7 - Couch 2 5k Week 3 #2 and #3
11/9 Couch 2 5k Week 3 #4 (hasn't been a week so I am staying on week 3)
11/10 - Couch 2 5k Week 3 #5 (last time)